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Who We Are

Busy afternoon and/or evening and now you have to make a fresh cup of masala chai…


Business owners have the best experience of their customer in mind but what if that service is costing them extra time, effort and ingredients? We at Nitan Group, saw the time-consuming effort that it was taking. We decided to make the whole process easy and compelling without losing the quality taste of the Masala Chai.


Or that one morning in the office and you want a cup of high quality Masala Chai…


Treat your employees with high quality Masala Chai with a touch of a button! Happy employees, happy business and we make sure that there is no extra hustle for the employer by providing premium taste and products.


Serving quality products is our promise and we take proud that each product is well-formulated to match the expectation and taste of the Asian cuisine.


You can count on Masala Chai latte whenever you need a boost throughout the day.


Masala Chai machine is available all over Canada and USA.